Workshop Series

Rotating topics – held once a month
This 4-hour workshop series covers (one per workshop):

Map out how to feel deeply respected on a daily basis, WITHOUT having to set boundaries!

Instead of compromising, experience feeling your best in your most important relationships, and expand that improved feeling of deep value to other areas of your life!

Use the experiences that make us the most uncomfortable to create the most comfort and freedom in your relationship, without ever feeling like a doormat!

Unlock the power of your Core Values and Human Needs to find your greatest strengths within – no external approval needed!

What is it, exactly, about heroes that attract us to them? How to become your own version of a superhero who attracts a magical life.

Intensive Workshop

Held once a month
This 2-day weekend intensive workshop covers the following:

Make decisions with clarity and confidence, even when you’re being questioned by every one around you!

Understand the root cause of any bad habit, and break the pattern in 30 minutes!

Learn how to consistently shift out of or into any emotion, even if you’ve been unable to for years!

See the ‘ceiling’ you’ve created for your personal success, and learn how to expand your experience of life & the world around you, without having to ‘work on’ yourself.

Why you can embrace your most uncomfortable emotions, rewrite the past, and turn tragedies into triumphs without wasting years in therapy.

How you can make your current personal relationships richly rewarding without having to compromise.

We use unique, custom-built tools to give you incredible skills in record time

The monthly 4-hr workshop series in Phoenix covers the most common challenges individuals face in relationships.

The monthly 2-day intensive weekend workshop in Phoenix is for those serious about emotional mastery. It covers the first 4 units of the authenticity tapping system in a deep dive manner. You will emerge with the skills and tools needed to grow your emotional mastery indefinitely.

Online workshops are held monthly and include additional coaching support for 30 days.

All workshops are interactive to maximize the learning and enjoying of the experience.

Smart business leaders know that employees' relationship skills affect culture AND the bottom line

The 4-hr workshop topics are customizable for company needs and are delivered on site.

All workshops are interactive to maximize the learning and enjoying of the experience.

On-site group workshops are available on select Wednesdays. Fill out this form to request more information.