Mavericks & Purpose-Driven Leaders...

Become Absolutely Certain in an UNcertain World.

Sound familiar?

Losing Confidence in your ability to fully realize your Mission-based work without trusted confidants to provide objective insights?
Spending top $$$ on mentors, masterminds, retreats and the like but leave feeling even more on the “outside” because something’s missing in the connection with the tribe and/or mentor?
Determined to grow independently, but still haven't found a leadership model that feels natural for YOU?

When What You REALLY Want Is...

Truly inspire others without feeling like an imposter
Set yourself up for success in spite of other people’s rules
Work with less stress & more joy without the woo woo

What if you could be

Absolutely Certain

in your ability to lead at your best in the worst of times, without sacrificing your authenticity?


Meet us at the Intersection of Innovation and Interconnection; together we’ll drive Impact.

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Weekly workshops designed to answer YOUR burning questions with quick, actionable strategies & mindset shifts


Meet & collaborate with other Mavericks focused on contribution independent of the status quo


Daily inspiration & tips to help you make continuous progress

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