Hate Getting Up? Try This Short Morning Practice Part 2

Hate Getting Up? Try This Short Morning Practice Part 2

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So, in the last post, I spoke of the importance of movement and deep breathing in my morning ritual. In this post, I will discuss the other two components of my new morning ritual: Visualization and Gratitude. I will give specific examples and variations of each to give you some inspiration.

  • Visualization – Anchoring my True Self (1 min): This is incredibly important. I just learned a way of anchoring a facet of my True Self that I had trouble staying centered in. Now I can get back to center immediately in any situation if I find that I drifted from it. A friend and teacher led me through an exercise to identify a feeling, locate it in my body, change its shape,connect it to my higher intention and anchor its visual and sensational imprint through visualization. It was INCREDIBLE. I now have a very clear visual and sensorial symbol that immediately grounds me and centers me, while surrounding me with the comfort and safety of home. In one image. 5 seconds. How amazing is that? So, I will include this anchoring imagery in my morning ritual.
  • Gratitude – (3 min) 

a. Start with my highest intention: One of my favorite exercises from one of my favorite teachers, Tony Robbins, involves elevation of intention. It is based on the premise that every single action/behavior comes from a pure and positive intention, even those behaviors we don’t want to engage in. The process walks us through honoring the positive intention behind the behavior, cultivating gratitude for it, becoming curious about what that positive intention is, and then becoming curious about what would be more important for us to experience once that intention was met. We climb higher and higher up the ladder of intention until we reach the ultimate peak. We then climb back down the ladder, one rung at a time, carrying the fulfillment of each rung above down into the next rung below. It’s a powerful exercise. At present, here’s what my ladder looks like:

 Positive Intent
9To be one with God
8To help others experience true and complete bliss
7To experience true and complete bliss
6To help others accomplish all that they need and want to accomplish in this world
5To accomplish all that I need and want to accomplish in this world
4To accept and surrender completely to God’s direction
3To give love (unconditional and in the most effective love languages)
2To be loved
1To be safe and protected

In this stage of my life, my focus is primarily on rungs 3-6. When I am stuck in unhelpful patterns, I find that these behaviors I don’t like are my unconscious attempts to get the intention of rung 1 fulfilled. By moving up to the top of the ladder, then back down, I always reconnect with the truth that I have more resources than I need to deal with whatever triggered the unwanted behavior, seeing that my highest intention (in my case, being one with God) has already been fulfilled since the moment of my conception. There’s no need to worry about being safe and protected from that space! So, this is a powerful reminder that I need daily. I intend to walk myself up and down the ladder of intention every morning, so as not to get stuck in the trivial.

b. Gratitude Rings: I imagine myself in the center of circles of beautiful, dark, smooth stones of gratitude. Starting at the center, gratitude to my Creator for my life and relationship with Him. Gratitude to myself for the ways I’m improving in taking care of myself, my loved ones, and those I don’t know yet. Gratitude to my family for their blanket of warm, unconditional love that has made it possible for me to venture out of my comfort corner to explore and share my gifts. Gratitude to my friends for the certain, kind love that has supported me through both the peaks and the valleys of emotional experiences in my life and for the ways their beautiful authenticity teaches and molds me. Gratitude to the teachers, mentors and guides, some whom I have never met, that I have learned so much from. Gratitude to all of mankind for all of the contributions that I and countless others continue to benefit from (aka The Internet! Electronics! Modes of Transportation! Modes of Communication! Education! The list goes on) Gratitude for the planet, its beauty, its amazing design and function, and the opportunities it holds for endless learning and exploration. And gratitude for all life, its diversity and forms, so much of which I don’t even know exists, but is so beautiful.

SO, what do you think? Does anything above resonate with You now? Helpful? Not helpful? Please help me make the most of your valuable time by letting me know what you think below. If you’re interested in trying this out and are a checklist-kind-of-person, download your Morning Ritual Checklist here

♥ With Love ♥

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  1. Brittany

    Thank you for this exercise to get me tuned in with my higher self each morning. I love the Positive Intent Chart. I saved a copy of it to keep with me.

    1. Deborah Watts

      Awesome, Brittany! Glad you found it helpful! ♥

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