Maverick Leadership Quotes

How well are you making the Impact you’re here to make? #LeadershipforMavericks #impact #MikiAgrawal

Can we use the crises of 2020 to elevate the doing of good on the planet? #LeadershipforMavericks #crisis #DalaiLama

Hey. honeyBee here. Welcome. My goal: Rock the world. I don’t know what rocks your world, but here’s what rocks mine.   Sharing life with

How do YOU “maintain the light of consciousness”? #LeadershipforMavericks #future #ElonMusk

Every Disruptor goes through phases. Of course, every Disruptor, by definition, will object profusely to being categorized in any way!    Further, there are always

Be yourself. Nuff said. #LeadershipforMavericks #authenticity #ChimamandaNgoziAdichie

MEET BEAUTY   Beauty is a visual connoisseur; she makes a brand or message come to life through the use of color, images, textures and the

LEVI   Levi is the definition of spontaneous fun. His work is to make people laugh and see good in themselves and each other.  

MEET JENILOE   Jeniloe runs a boutique agency and is a master at creating the experiences people desire most.    Jeniloe KNOWS people. She’s unstoppable

MEET RICK   Rick is a successful and innovative founder who helps businesses exist.    In the financial space, he dominates. He knows his numbers