Maverick Leadership Quotes

Both lost to the same thing I lost my dad to. I never do this, but I cried when I learned the news of Chadwick

I SHOULD NEVER HAVE LEFT MY RELIGION…   … by all counts, it was where I would have thrived the most. But risking it all 🎥 STRUGGLING TO GET VISIBLE AND DO THE DARN THING ALREADY? 🤨 Then you should meet Nicole. When we met, she had lots of

Release Boundaries

Confused about how to set “healthy” boundaries?  Yup, I got you. This is the most polarizing topic I encounter; it separates growth-driven from certainty-driven audiences!

The Certain Maverick Leader Path - Step 8 - Release BOUNDARIES

⚠️ WARNING: Controversial Content Follows! ⚠️ Whenever I talk about boundaries, people come after me… with machetes. 🔪😮 It’s a topic that brings up everyone’s

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There are 3 very common reasons why many leaders ignore or get confused about Vision. Which one is the biggest reason for you?

Vision 101

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