DID YOU KNOW… 9 out of 10 Founders of successful socially conscious enterprises feel disconnected from their work, constrained by the ever elusive idea of ‘Work – Life Balance’, & unfulfilled – because no matter how much good they do in the world… IT NEVER FEELS LIKE ENOUGH?

THIS IS WHY I DO WHAT I DO…  I’m here to help you reclaim your ‘Original Crazy Vision’ & tap Into that infinite source of energy (like when it was just you and your Idea) so you can achieve even more of an impact (YOUR WAY)… without having to choose between purpose & personal life or be trapped by the limitations & boundaries of ‘Work-Life Balance’!

Feeling disconnected from your Mission and missing deep fulfillment… no matter how much you achieve?

Dear Founder, Conscious Business Owner, Purpose-Driven Leader…

Your company is truly making a difference in the world and let’s be honest – if you were to think back to when it was just YOU and YOUR IDEA… 

…I’m talking about back when everyone thought you were a little crazy and said ‘don’t do it’, yet despite all odds – you did it anyway.  

In fact, you couldn’t NOT do it.  

This was literally the work you couldn’t NOT do… RIGHT? 

Now, you have an amazing team and a tribe of people who LOVE what you do.

So why do you feel…

Look, if right now you can relate to any of these, then I want you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

The truth is, this isn’t even your fault.  

You see, these days we’ve been conditioned to believe it’s all about creating BALANCE, in essence, compartmentalizing each area of our lives.  

Like everything should have it’s own little box, or BOUNDARY.  

Whether that be work, health, family, friendships (the list goes on)…

In reality, this is absolutely EXHAUSTING and in some ways it can even be debilitating.

These artificial structures and models may well have their place in the corporate world, but for those of us with big hearts and big missions – this simply takes us even further away from the real reason we’re here. 


It’s simply because by the very nature of our work – we want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  

It doesn’t matter what you’re driving force may be…

– to leave a legacy,

– to right a particular wrong,

– to share your unique ideas with the world…

… at the end of the day we were born Connectors…

For Connectors, the very idea of having strict boundaries or having to segregate each area of our life to achieve a ‘WORK-LIFE BALANCE’ is disturbing, as it’s the complete opposite of what we truly value.


To understand the concept of ONEness and how it can transform the way you approach all aspects of your life, including your Mission, click HERE.


In just 3 minutes a day over 3 days, Deborah will personally guide you on how you can adopt the Law of ONEness into your professional and personal leadership with immediately actionable tips….


One phone call with Deborah and I walked away lighter, hopeful and new surge of energy flowed through me. We, as leaders think that we have to take care of others and find that there is no one there for us but ourselves. Sometimes, being alone with your thoughts is a dangerous game. Someone has to mentor the leaders so we can continue to impact others, change lives and spread good will. That someone, is Deborah.
Deborah has been an invaluable aid in my leadership and relationship skills. Her approach is unconventional and innovative bringing out the most genuine results to amplify your authentic self. Before training with her I was very frustrated and lost in direction and intention. Deborah helped me recenter myself in my own core values first, aligning with my own greatest self and providing a simple yet effective method to use for creating, communicating, and decision making from an honest and elevated state. I now have the confidence and tools to face problem solving from an empowered and positive state of mind... I highly recommend if you are a person seeking radical transformation in life then she is the perfect fit. If you are seeking an easy way to blanket your challenges Deborah is not the person for you.
My favorite part of working with Deborah is that I was able to let go of the mental and emotional weight I had been carrying and felt my original inspiration for starting the company come back. I would recommend Deborah to business leaders that are feeling overwhelmed or burnt out and are wiling to do the work of looking deeper to the true issues that lay below. The benefit of going through this process will not just affect your business, but your whole life and all of the people in it.


Discover a unique opportunity to work directly with Deborah to integrate ONENESS into your business and personal life to elevate your life and business beyond its current limits that’s even more fulfilling and more impactful than your ‘Original Crazy Vision’.