[LfM Book Updates] Introductions – Rick



Rick is a successful and innovative founder who helps businesses exist. 


In the financial space, he dominates. He knows his numbers and what it takes to get a business profitable.


But he’s bored.


He wants to do something EPIC that really effects change on the planet for the better, but not in a traditional, hierarchical way. In a way that leaves everyone involved better equipped to create a life of deep meaning for themselves.


The tricky part is that all he knows are institutions of one sort or another, and the people who are not associated with institutions are too unstructured for his liking.



Rick needs to create from within. This takes a different kind of Certainty than he’s had up until now. The kind that will help him realize his unique and unconventional dream.


With this Certainty:

👉🏾 He’ll take his gift of innovation to newer heights of fulfillment

👉🏾 He’ll be able to combine his talents with his big Vision

👉🏾 He’ll never regret his decisions



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