[LfM Book Updates] Introductions – Mmiri

[LfM Book Updates] Introductions – Mmiri



Mmiri is a founder of a small, socially conscious enterprise.


Mmiri LOVES her team, the work they’re doing and the charities they love to give to, but…


Mmiri feels completely depleted by her business. Sure, it’s succeeded in surviving many storms, BUT it feels foreign somehow.


🤦🏻‍♀️  Her team waits for her to make all decisions and have disconnected from the mission.


🤦🏻‍♀️  Her visionary ideas are usually shot down by her advisor – that is, the ones she manages to share.


Whenever she’s asked about her business, she feels more like a fraud.


They don’t know what it’s like.


The pressure to perform. To be profitable. To have all of the answers and deliver them with a smile.


All the while questioning herself and the future of the business.


Mmiri needs more Certainty.


But won’t she get that from focusing on making the business more profitable?




She’ll get that by MANUFACTURING it. 


When she does,:

👉🏾 Her decision-making process for ALL aspects of her business is simplified

👉🏾 Her leadership inspires her people’s best

👉🏾 Her ability to lead powerfully during times of great Uncertainty is exponentially increased.


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