[LfM Book Updates] Introductions – Levi

[LfM Book Updates] Introductions – Levi



Levi is the definition of spontaneous fun. His work is to make people laugh and see good in themselves and each other.


Levi has always had the gift of humor; it comes naturally to him.


The curse of this gift, though, is that people expect him to always be light.


Dealing with the depth of his serious concerns has always been a solo deal.


Levi wants to feel empowered to process his darker emotions on his own so he can genuinely entertain and bring light and laughter to others without sacrificing his own internal well being.


Levi needs to master inner Certainty-building. He can use his gift of humor so powerfully to create a life that is truly light and natural, in spite of whatever challenges and losses he may experience.


With this mastery,

👉🏾 The way he converses with himself (internal dialogue) changes quite a bit

👉🏾 He will embrace himself at a deeper level, which means he will be embraced at a deeper level by more people

👉🏾 He will be able to touch people at a deeper level without doing anything different


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