[LfM Book Updates] Introductions – Jeniloe

[LfM Book Updates] Introductions – Jeniloe



Jeniloe runs a boutique agency and is a master at creating the experiences people desire most. 


Jeniloe KNOWS people. She’s unstoppable at connecting people who want to meet and has been informally known as “the matchmaker”.


But there are deeper experiences that she wants to experience herself. Through her work, she’s found so many “holes” in awareness in herself and in others and she wants to do something about it.


She feels a message wanting to be expressed by her, a message so deep and powerful that it almost scares her!



Jeniloe needs unwavering Certainty in her ability to bring this message forward to the ears of people who need to hear it.


With this Certainty:

👉🏾 She won’t give up when she’s mocked by her colleagues

👉🏾 She will always have the help she needs to take the next step

👉🏾 She’ll feel unprecedented satisfaction and fulfillment that she’s truly living on Purpose



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