[LfM Book Updates] Introductions – honeyBee

[LfM Book Updates] Introductions – honeyBee


honeyBee here.


My goal: Rock the world.

I don’t know what rocks your world, but here’s what rocks mine.


Sharing life with people who GET it.

“It” is the fact that we’re all one, not separate.

“It” is the fact that we’re all screwed up or we’re all perfect, depending on how you look at it.

“It” is that our beauty is unquestionable.

“It” is that each of us is divine and limitless.


I LOVE to live and operate in the knowledge of “It”. I love to have long conversations with masters who GET it.


I LOVE to bathe in the glorious memory of all of my ancestors who functioned within “It”.


These days, I find that people spend way too much time living apart from “It”.


I’ve noticed that this results in lots of weird definitions of Fun, like getting so drunk they puke their guts out or wake up in a stranger’s bed with no recollection of how they got there.


Or entertaining themselves with gory acts of violence towards fellow life forms: human and animal alike.


Like letting other people tell them when, how and why to celebrate.


I celebrate every day. Several times a day. For me, smiling in the warmth of the sun’s rays is the BEST kind of celebration!


Celebration rocks my world. I’m happy to welcome you into it.


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