[LfM Book]: Every Disruptor Resents This

[LfM Book]: Every Disruptor Resents This

Every Disruptor goes through phases. Of course, every Disruptor, by definition, will object profusely to being categorized in any way! 


Further, there are always exceptions to any rule.


However, for the sake of simplicity, let’s look at the four general phases masterful disruptors often go through. These four stages are highlighted in the diagram:


1️⃣ The Outcast 

2️⃣ The Rebel

3️⃣ The Maverick

4️⃣ The Global Villager


The trouble is, our society doesn’t make it easy to advance to each next stage! The purpose of the work I do is to make it easier for Rebels to move to Mavericks and for Mavericks to move to Global Villagers!!




We’re in the midst of a global awakening that things can’t continue the way we’ve set it up.




We need more ‘elders’ – wise leaders who can help shift paradigms in the direction of ONEness – not just in a spiritual way but also in a physical way. How we do business, how we love, how we raise children, how we eat… ALL of it.


ONEness is the true reality and it’s time we have more leaders who recognize this.




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