[Leadership for Mavericks] 🎥 How to Get Visible and Do the Darn Thing Already 🤨

[Leadership for Mavericks] 🎥 How to Get Visible and Do the Darn Thing Already 🤨

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Then you should meet Nicole.

When we met, she had lots of ideas for her next business, but was feeling unsure of herself and of which idea to pick.

She’d been stalling on getting going for 2 years!

Within a few weeks, she’d confidently decided on her new niche, established her support team, signed her first client and was marketing!

She literally went from invisible to visible!

❌ We didn’t work on her offer (she changed it & I didn’t even know!)

❌ We didn’t work on her money mindset

❌ We didn’t work on her funnel

❌ We didn’t even work on her confidence.

✅ We simply unearthed her hidden Certainty.

What she’d always known but had forgotten.

It wasn’t a perfect process. We had lots of bumps and missed connecting at times.

But she stayed at it, and every mini win led to larger wins.

She blew my mind with how quickly these principles worked for her.

She inspires me. 🤩

If you want to experience what Nicole did, I got you!

Comment ‘Certainty’ and I’ll let you know when the doors open for my FREE 4 Days of Absolute Certainty challenge!

P.S. This was Nicole’s first public video: another milestone of overcoming fear to get visible! Isn’t she amazing?




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