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Does this sound like you?

As Michael Jackson said in the '90s...

You are not alone.


My name is Deborah Watts, and just a few years ago I was where you are right now. Although the above quotes were from men and women I’ve interviewed over the past year or so, they all were things I said at different points in time in my own personal relationship struggles.

You see, I learned from painful personal experience that there aren’t many “acceptable” solutions for those men and women who want their relationship to work when their partner is checked out.

Either you…

  • “suffer it out” because marriage was from God and cannot be annulled, OR
  • leave because it’s what any smart, independent individual in the 21st century would do.  

It’s not considered “acceptable” to want to heal a toxic relationship.

There’s no option to restore it to its original grandeur or – heaven forbid! – BETTER.

So, a few years ago, in my usual manner, I said “Screw what’s ‘acceptable’, what actually WORKS?” and then set out on a mission to find just that.

Fast forward to today, and I’m proud to share that virtually all of my clients feel happier, much more clear and more successful in their lives after working with me. Most of them have increased their income and are making bold career changes after freeing up mental bandwidth previously consumed by relationship worries.

Not all of them are still in the relationship they came to me about, but, oddly enough, in ALL cases their relationship with that person dramatically improved!

So you see, it doesn’t matter if you’re:

  • Single, after a string of really unhealthy relationships, seeking to break the pattern
  • Married, on the brink of divorce with an unwilling partner
  • Divorced, with an unpleasant co-parenting situation, or
  • Separated, considering whether to try again, planning to move on, OR trying to win back your strayed partner…

Relationship transformation can and WILL work for you – for anyone – as long as you are willing to put in the consistent effort.

Oh YES, consistent effort is needed. No magic pills in this shop.

BUT the effort you put in has a REE-diculous ROI and is WAY more fun than counseling. Trust me.


Here’s what some group members from previous groups I’ve run have said:

What If... ?

  • You couldn’t wait to return home because you KNEW that no matter what kind of day either of you had, your partner would 100% be in your corner?
  • You KNEW your relationship couldn’t fail?
  • You had the secret to never being in a toxic home environment again?
  • You never feared you had competition?
  • You reclaimed all the mental space that worry about your relationship had occupied, so you could use it to move towards your goals more quickly?

What would you do with that freedom? That joy? That confidence?
Who else could you touch?
How different would you show up as a parent, sibling, boss, mentor, etc?

The TRUTH: You are NOT alone in wanting relationship transformation, and you absolutely CAN make it happen!

You CAN have your relationship the way you want it, even if your partner doesn’t want to continue the relationship in its current form.

All you need is COMMITMENT.

Don't believe me?

Check out the relationship revolution roadmap below to see what the next step is for you:

Hover / Tap

Stage 1

Wounded Martyr (Suffering): Complaining to friends & family • Getting free individual therapy • Feels emotionally abused

Take Action!

It’s time to put an end to the suffering and start to see things differently! There is hope! We got your back!

Stage 2

Research Warrior (Struggling): Googling disorders • Self-study / online relationship programs • Getting therapy or counseling

Take Ownership!

You KNOW you can do this! Get off of Google and start creating the relationship you want! We’re here to help!

Stage 3

Self-Determined Victor (Exhausted): Cold, distant or silent home • Living separate lives • Silent pain • Putting on a ‘strong’ or ‘I’m fine’ mask


Whatever your partner is doing or saying in this moment that hurts, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY - learn how to thrive with us!

Stage 4

Purposeful Co-Creator (Free): Zero relationship stress • At ease • Ready to handle challenges and friction authentically


Perfect! We have great content to support you in maintaining your synergistic home environment!


Feeling relaxed, free and always expanding, all the while still deeply connected with your partner and enjoying unprecedented intimacy in all areas.

  • Imagine no longer feeling like you have to “settle” or compromise to get exactly what you really want!
  • Since your mind is free of worry about the status of your relationship, your creativity flows as your mental clarity becomes laser focused on living your life on YOUR terms
  • Imagine having access to brand new, innovative answers to your toughest questions, delivered live and personalized for you in the comfort of your private space
  • What would that do for your health? For your business or career? For your quality of life? For your power to make an impact and touch others? For your ability to increase your income to support your needs and wants?
  • … all in less time than it takes to drive to and from a counselor’s office each week!


The R.E.A.L. Tribe

That’s Radical. Evolutionary. Authentic. Leaders.

Everything you need to create and maintain your own relationship transformation

The R.E.A.L. Tribe is an online community and learning space designed to support your movement through the stages of progress to healthy and happy relationships – first with your partner, and then with others.

By continuous participation in the community, you will be able to…

Increase clarity on your Vision

No more dismay at re-creating new goals for your family life that are never realized. Use simple tools to get yourself and your home life back ON PURPOSE.

Learn from others

Don't reinvent the wheel. Ask questions, listen and take notes as experts share their wisdom and unique perspectives on what is needed to create miraculous change and have it last.

Make regret-free decisions

Stop worrying about what you're saying or doing. Use simple but powerful strategies to boost your confidence from the inside out so that you live regret-free.

Live life in celebration

Put an end to the cycles of anger and depression that are keeping you stuck. There are many ways to celebrate your life no matter what's happening, and it's always more fun to party with friends!

Success Story!

Andie*, a working mom of 3, was one of the first people to join one of the earliest Facebook communities over a year ago.

In her first post in that group, she described her relationship with her fiancé as being at “breaking point.” She continued: “I believe that my fiancé is a narcissist without having any knowledge of it and I believe that I am an empath who also has major anxiety disorder. I’m trying to find a way that we can be happy together a way to save our family.” She joined the group for this reason.

The problem Andie described was one I see complaints about often: Narcissist and empath combination. Little did she know how different the solution would be to what she’d heard elsewhere.

When she began participating in the group, she couldn’t even list things she liked about herself. It took some encouragement and continuous effort on her part to begin to see things she liked in herself and own them.

Some of the strategies she’d tried: apologize, reassure him of her love, even giving him attention at the expense of giving needed attention to herself and her children.

None of it was working. Her life felt dismal.

Why the problem could never be solved: She was trying to “work on” the relationship while ignoring her own needs, and thus was trying to give from an empty cup. The result was exhaustion and sadness.

When she joined the group and began participating by watching the live videos, answering the questions and doing the prescribed exercises, we formed a partnership, reinforced by the community. Over the year she came to realize how simple and pleasant it was to stop exhausting herself, and how much power she had over her entire experience of life.

Results? She began naturally making personal and career decisions from a place of deeper joy, confidence and freedom than ever before. Over the course of the year, she carved out time to take care of herself each day and to really enjoy being present with her kids no matter what. She even changed jobs to pursue her dream on a completely different career path!

Her man noticed the changes and had no choice but to make changes of his own. He then realized that what they had was valuable enough to make changes to keep, and both of them have benefited in every way from Andie’s using the resources in the group to elevate her life.

She recently said about how the group impacted her: “You truly have helped me to see the mindset. I have made so many major changes in every relationship in my life. Specially the one I have with myself and my daughter… [My man] and I are so much better. He has made so many positive changes!”

* Name and image have been changed to protect privacy.

What's Inside...

The R.E.A.L. Tribe Community

Let's keep this simple. Here's what's inside:

In addition to the monthly free masterclasses available to the entire honeyBee You! community, R.E.A.L. Tribe members enjoy exclusive monthly live trainings on topics of your choice: 20 minute class with assignments to complete and share in the group as you wish for accountability.

Ask me anything: I respond live to your biggest questions – I keep going until they’re all answered.

Learn from the best in the worlds of business, personal development, family relationships, health & fitness, and more! Ask them anything – each interview followed with a valuable live Q&A session.​

They are rare and never last long, and this community is the only place I will be offering valuable bonuses to help you get your relationship on track in record time!

Selectively chosen to address the top challenges of fatigue and disillusionment that are common to the process of relationship transformation. We know because we’ve been there, and the content posted is to get you back on track and focused on victory when things at home feel overwhelming.

Easy Access

We use a closed Facebook group. Desktop and Mobile friendly.


Go at your own pace. Revisit as often as you want.

Personal Support

Real-time answers to your questions - we make sure your questions in the group are answered in a prompt manner

Educational Content

All content is based on Units 1-4 of the Authenticity Tapping System

The Authenticity Tapping System is the method we use to get results. Through it we access our own internal power to be able to move confidently through life’s challenges and only magnetize the best in people and experiences. In the Tribe, the focus is always on YOU.

Gain crystal clarity in knowing exactly what you want and who you become on the way there so you know when you’ve won (P.S: You’re ALWAYS winning this way).

Learn how to naturally ooze confidence & remove self-sabotage on your way to your Vision while designing your life so you enjoy feeling back in your power every day

Learn how you create any emotion (like anger and distrust) and how to reshape your experience of life each day.

Learn how to erase pain from the past & replace it with peace while at the same time learning what your partner REALLY wants.


Join the tribe today and transform the world, starting with your own relationship!

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Revolutionary Ideas

Be at the forefront of a radical new movement that is shaking up the status quo and changing the world, one family at a time.

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Have Questions?

Most frequent questions and answers

The tribe is for you if you’re:

  • An individual looking to improve any key relationship in your life
  • Divorced, trying to successfully coparent
  • Married, trying to save a relationship on the brink of divorce
  • Single, after multiple unhealthy relationships, trying to break the pattern
  • A current or aspiring change maker, wanting to make a positive difference on this planet
  • Ready to step into bigger shoes as a leader and influencer

Our only rule is NO situations involving physical violence. If you and everyone in your home are physically safe and one of the above applies to you, we are confident that Tribe membership will work for you because the approach is based on timeless universal principles, not on current popular trends.

Not precisely. This is an environment where learning happens through classes, interviews, Q&As and bulletin posts. It is also a support group where you can connect with others who are focused on achieving higher levels of purposeful living.

This is a support and educational community made up of independent individuals. No one in the community is here as a marriage counselor or therapist. If you want to go to marriage counseling, by all means, do so, as this is not a substitute for counseling, therapy, or any other related service.

The short answer is, instead of requiring the willing participation of both individuals, which is the traditional approach, authenticity tapping helps you understand, accept and connect with yourself better, so that you can in turn understand, accept and connect with your partner better. Simple.

FAR less than the alternatives of endless Google searches, complaining to inexperienced or unhelpful friends or relatives, engaging in destructive arguments or in the subsequent distractions or mind-numbing to avoid reality!

In the same time it takes you to get an update on the news, check out your friends’ posts or watch HALF an episode of your favorite show on Netflix, you could have REAL answers to your burning questions to make your relationships and life the way you want them to be!

OUR primary objective is always TRANSformation, we have chosen to make this community as supportive of your growth and development as possible. Scheduling and creating customized trainings, bulletin posts and expert interviews, as well as promptly responding to your individual questions takes a considerable amount of time, attention and care. Membership fees collected are used for these purposes to ensure that you enjoy the highest quality experience.

Of course, we know you have a choice from  MANY free communities and resources. Previously, we facilitated multiple free communities. By all means, if to you that weekly pint of ice cream or that beer at Happy Hour is a better use of your money, please, go for it!  NO judgment here. We suggest you stick with your choice of free groups if you are simply seeking more INformation to consume at your leisure.

We know there’s a lot of noise and unhelpful advice out there, so we have done everything we can to make membership attainable for ALL who are SERIOUS about relationship transformation, regardless of their financial situation.

There will be no refunds. Due to the incredibly high value of the content being provided at such a low price point, we cannot offer refunds for membership.

You can cancel at any time. There are no obligations. You will not be refunded, but you will incur no future charges.

Join the R.E.A.L. Tribe NOW!


$ 35
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  • Full R.E.A.L. Tribe Membership
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  • Full R.E.A.L. Tribe Membership
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