I should never have left my religion…



… by all counts, it was where I would have thrived the most. But risking it all yielded the greatest satisfaction I could imagine.


“I just keep thanking God that you came into my life.”


“God has his hand on you… Keep doing the Kingdom work God has implanted in you.”


“Feeling blessed that I connected with you. It was a part of the ‘Almighty’s plan I guess!!!”


“I praise God for you!!”


“the timing of your request was totally divine i feel…”


“you may be a messenger from God…”


From people I served in religion? NO.


The above messages were from people I served as a mentor and coach. 


IN TAKING A HUGE RISK to abandon the religion I’ve known since birth, I found my divine calling.


I’VE defined what form my service takes.




I followed inspiration. To me, that’s divine guidance.


Sure, it has its challenges and pains, like any path.


But now I get to experience true fulfillment every day. 😌


Is there a risk you’re feeling guided to take? What do you lose if you don’t take that risk?




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