True story. Most of my youth, I hated hearing my voice on a recording. I hated seeing photographs of myself, with a few exceptions.


I even hated seeing my side profile in the mirror.


Then something happened.


I realized that to be busy doing work I loved, I had to get over myself.


It wasn’t about me, it was about the people I’m here to serve, and they would hear and see less of me if I was hiding.


Today I love listening to my content and seeing my all too imperfect photos!


Because I know how much my putting myself out there has supported others!


I know how much better it is to feel Certain about the content and not worry about perfect presentation! 


Super grateful for the awesome feedback I receive on a daily basis, like this one. It’s what keeps me going. 🏃🏾‍♀️


#LeadershipforMavericks #grateful #courage



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