Hate Getting Up? Try this Short Morning Practice Part 1

Hate Getting Up? Try this Short Morning Practice Part 1

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*Deep Breath* Here goes –
For years I have tried, and not necessarily succeeded, at maintaining a daily morning ritual. Prayer, gratitude, visualization, goal setting, exercise, stretching and intention-sending are the most popular items that keep going on my morning ritual “wishlist”. Simply from the overall high I get that makes my day an instant success, being able to get consistent with this is very important to me.
So, this morning I went through another ritual-creating exercise. This is one I believe I will be able to maintain. I’ve already been doing parts of it for quite some time. It has four main components, the first two of which I will cover in this post and last two in the following post:
1) Movement
2) Breathing [aka: Physical Anchoring]
3) Visualization [aka: Mental Anchoring]
4) Gratitude [aka: Spiritual & Emotional Anchoring]

1) Movement – Strolling in my neighborhood at Sunrise (10 min): Neighborhood strolling has been my ritual on and off for much of my adult life after college. Walking always relaxes and inspires me. Second only to talking things out, I have found no better way to get my creative juices flowing and to feed the flame of my joy in living, to feel alive! I am so grateful to live in a beautiful neighborhood that has plenty of wide sidewalks, beautiful shrubbery and landscaping, and access to miles of walking trails. I saw the sunrise this morning and realized my body has been craving experiencing it on a daily basis. SO, into my ritual it goes!

Note: I will say that if I don’t find an activity helpful in reaching a blissful state, I won’t do it regularly. I now only choose rituals that I actually look forward to doing!

One more Note: This choice of movement activity is my current choice. It isn’t set in stone. While I love casual strolling to take in the scenery and energy of the environment, I’ve also been known to start my mornings, headphones in place, skipping, popping and locking to some wild beats, just to entertain the neighborhood canines ;-). I have finally accepted my innate defiance of any consistency and am enjoying the variety and flexibility I naturally create in my days instead of generating guilt about it! ☺

2) Breathing – While strolling, in for four steps, out for four steps / laying in bed with hands on tummy, allowing hands to rise and fall with each breath (1 min): This is the simple part I tend to overlook but do feel immediate, positive results from when I take the entire minute (!) to do it! Deep belly breathing relaxes me instantly. It also opens my awareness to emotions that I might have unconsciously stuffed down. This is so important. I have suffered for years with a uterine fibroid that is the pure physical manifestation of “stuffed down” emotions. I have wonderful help now in peeling back the layers, and releasing these emotions, but the physical work is still new for me. I see now that making deep breathing a part of my daily routine is an incredibly smart and easy decision!
*Deep Breath* SO, what do you think? Anything above resonate with You now? Helpful? Not helpful? Let me know below. If you’re interested and are a checklist-kind-of-person, I got ya… Click on the button below 👇🏾.

♥ With Love ♥

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