Welcome to the honeyBee You! community.

Here, you will ALWAYS be recognized as the foremost expert on YOU.

honeyBee You! is at the forefront of a movement..

  • away from the labels and judgments of our societies and cultures
  • towards ownership of our God-given right to define success for ourselves
  • towards radical, unconditional and incessant self-love and acceptance
  • towards understanding and connection with others being our highest priority in all of our relationships, second only to our own self-love and acceptance

Tribe Core Values

Here are some Core Values we observed that we have in common:


Build a movement founded on the above Core Values, made up of beautiful people working together to share their unique gifts with increasing integrity, while thriving on the deeper connections they make with themselves, their Creator, other humans, and the planet.


Take a look around, let us know what you think and how we may serve you better – and if you like what you see, join us!


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About Deborah​

Hi! I’m Deborah Watts, and I’m so honored to be your host and friend on this leg of your journey!
Life is such an amazing adventure! I love this adventure, and I love expressing my passion about ALL of it! The highs, the lows, and everything in-between!
A bit about me: I currently live in gorgeous Phoenix, AZ, but I’ve been a nomad most of my life… Hawaii, New Jersey and Maryland, even Papua New Guinea and Nigeria! 
My travels have taught me a LOT about how we perceive ourselves and others within the context of our culture/society, and that in reality, ‘normal’ doesn’t exist
I would know. I’ve NEVER found an environment (a home, city, country, religious group, or any other organization) within which I felt ‘normal’. Like I belonged.
There was a time when I said “I’ve failed miserably at everything I wanted! And I didn’t want much! Just a fun career as a professional engineer, a passionate, nurturing intimate relationship, and to enjoy being all of myself! Was that too much to ask?”
Over the 20 years of volunteer ministry, over 14 years of critical problem solving as an engineer and 8 years of marriage, I felt like I couldn’t get any of it right and I couldn’t figure out why!
But my analytical mind would not stop with the questions: WHY? Why was it so simple in my mind and so difficult to create in my life? This line of questioning led me on an intense search for answers… and some breathtaking discoveries.
I still ask lots of questions. But I don’t have the same fear of not getting the answers and of “messing it all up” anymore. A great mantra I’ve adopted about life: “You can’t mess it up!”

What would change for you if you were SURE you couldn't fail?

Don’t think I‘ll tell you what to do!

In my humble opinion, YOU are the person with all of the answers.

I simply facilitate a less bumpy process, one with a little less pain and a lot more clarity… but even if we never meet, just remember…


Sending you LOVE, dear one!
xoxo Deborah

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