Resilient Maverick Leader's Checklist

The 4 steps that help you build resilient teams & families, without complicated models!

In this Free Checklist, You'll Learn ...

  • The 1st step every successful leader takes to remain authentic, even if they don't have strong "people skills"
  • The single most common mistake most people make that wastes lots of effort, and what to do instead
  • The secret to creating true transparency in your team, even if everyone has different personalities and styles of communication
  • A simple, quick strategy that's both widely known AND widely ignored that can heal the most challenging of relationships
  • ... and more!

Greetings! My name is Deborah Watts.

Greetings! My name is Deborah Watts. I help mavericks to harness their genius in their own unique leadership style.

This short checklist will outline how to build environments that foster resilience and continuous innovation, so that you can enjoy working with others as YOU and build a team, family, or community that simply thrives

Start creating an environment that fosters resilience & continuous innovation today!

Build Resilient Teams & Families

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